Read and Heal Your Aura

Read and Heal Your Aura


Your aura is the energetic space around your physical body. It is filled with information from this life and past lives regarding how you’ve been relating and expressing yourself as the soul you are in this world. It holds the information associated with the decisions and choices you have made. It holds your story. The aura acts like an electromagnetic sponge. It can take on energies, pictures, programming, and limits when we resist experiences in our lives. When you heal yourself from the pictures, limits, and energies held in your aura, you begin to access the creative colors, information, and wisdom that is truly yours. You begin to create and express your authentic self which brings more joy, peace, enthusiasm, and inspiration to your life.

In this series of classes, you will:

  • Learn the basic spiritual anatomy and functions of the 7 layers of your aura.
  • Learn to read the qualities of your creative expression in each layer of your aura as energy.
  • Begin to discover the types of energies and qualities of expression that you hold in each layer of your aura and how each layer expresses a different type of your creative energy.
  • Learn to read energy held in your aura that is not yours and discover how this energy has been affecting you.
  • Learn to read pictures held in your aura that are limiting your creative expression.
  • Learn to heal your aura of pictures.
  • Learn to heal your aura of energy that is not yours.
  • Learn to heal any tears, whacks, or cracks in your aura.

It should be a blast! I look forward to seeing you in class.


  • This class will be offered ‘live’ beginning January 20, 2025.
  • The recordings of this 5-class series can be purchased anytime and completed as a self-study program for $45 per class plus 6% sales tax. Classes can be purchased one at-a-time or as a whole.
  • Prerequisite – Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level I & II.
  • If you are interested in purchasing the recordings or if you have any questions regarding this series, please contact me.

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