Maintain Peace Using
Your Intuition Level II

Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level II


In Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level I, we began the process of using your intuitive ability of clairvoyance to see energy, release energy and heal energy so that you could access the peace that is inherent to you as the Spirit you are. The more we are aware of ourselves as Spirit, whole and complete, the more peace we experience. The more we identify with our ego or the pictures and limits that divide ourselves into pieces the less peace we experience.

In this series of classes, we will:

  • Continue the exploration and use of your clairvoyant ability to identify and release pictures and limits.
  • Look at a variety of aspects of your spiritual anatomy including but not limited to your reading screen, reading triangle, and body of glass.
  • Explore using your clairvoyance to determine if you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.
  • Look at and learn to read past lives in order to clear energies and limits that are preventing you from distilling the past life experiences into wisdom.
  • Look at the basics of setting the energy of physical spaces so you can have more space to be yourself wherever you are.
  • Meet with and learn how to work with one of your Spirit Guides called your Healing Master.

It should be a blast! I look forward to seeing you in class!

Class Information


  • This class will be offered offered ‘live’ beginning Novemebr 18, 2024.
  • The recordings of this 4-class series can be purchased anytime and completed as a self-study program for $45 per class plus 6% sales tax. Classes can be purchased one at-a-time or as a whole.
  • Prerequisite – Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level I
  • If you are interested in purchasing the recordings or if you have any questions regarding this series, please contact me.

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