Professional Bio

Dave Clark

Dave completed his clairvoyant training program at the Intuitive Awareness Center (IAC) in Georgia, VT, co-founded by Gwyneth Flack and Gayle Myers, MD. Additionally, he completed the following clairvoyant programs at the IAC:

  • Leadership Through Clairvoyance Program
  • Teacher’s Practicum course
  • Creativity Through Clairvoyance course

Dave joined Michael and Raphaelle Tamura’s SHAPE (Seers, Healers, Apprenticeship, Practicum, Experience) group in 2013. He has completed numerous year-long SHAPE courses focusing on clairvoyance, transmediumship, astral body development, in-and-out-of-body experiences, limitless love, creativity, and transmuting karma into a body of light and wisdom.

Lastly, Dave is a certified teacher, birth-6 years of age, with a master’s degree in early childhood special education from the University of Vermont.

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