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Everyone has the gift of intuition. It’s innate to each one of us as the Spirit that we are. Similar to how you navigate your body in the world using the five physical senses of sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell, you as Spirit also navigate the world using your intuitive abilities.

My classes provide foundational techniques to help you become more aware of yourself as Spirit using your intuitive ability of clairvoyance – your ability to see clearly, to see the truth. In my classes, you’ll learn to look at life and all its wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful experiences as energy. You’ll learn to let go of and heal energies that are not beneficial to you such as pain, depression, and anxiety so that you can replace them with energies you would like to have such as abundance, inspiration, creativity, love, joy, and peace. By learning how to see energy, release energy and heal energy, you’ll begin to reclaim your power and reestablish yourself as the creator of your life in order to manifest the life of your dreams in alignment with your Soul’s purpose.

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Coming This Winter

Our Classes

Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level II

Continue the exploration and use of your clairvoyant abilities. Explore this series of classes coming this fall.

The Healing Series

Healing is the process of returning to wholeness. Explore this new series of classes coming this fall.

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