Maintain Peace
Using Your Intuition

Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition - Level I


Come join me in this 5-class series titled, “Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition Level I”. In this series of classes, you’ll learn to look at life and all it’s wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful experiences as energy. You’ll learn to let go of and heal energies that are not beneficial to you such as pain, depression, and anxiety so that you can replace them with energies you would like to have such as abundance, inspiration, creativity, love, joy and peace. By learning how to see energy, release energy and heal energy, you’ll begin to reclaim your power to continue creating a life that you love living. You’ll feel more energized, be less affected by stress, have healthier relationships, experience more peace and joy, and discover more of who you are as Spirit and the intuitive abilities that are innate to you.

Some of the techniques you will learn in this series are:

  • Grounding – used to move energy from your space, to stabilize you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and to bring you into the present time.
  • Gold Suns – used to replenish your space with your divine life force energy and energies of which you would like more.
  • Running Earth and Cosmic Energies – used to effortlessly and easily move foreign energies from your space.
  • Center of Head – the space from which you have access to all your intuitive abilities in the body.
  • Mock-Ups – a tool used to consciously create what you would like to have in order to share your authentic self with the world.
  • And Much More!!


  • This class will be offered offered ‘live’ in September 2024.
  • The recordings of this 5-class series can be purchased anytime and completed as a self-study program for $40 per class plus 6% sales tax. Classes can be purchased one at-a-time or as a whole.
  • If you are interested in purchasing the recordings or if you have any questions regarding this series, please contact me.

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