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New Class Begins September 15

Maintain Peace Using Your Intuition - Level I

Learn to look at life and all it’s wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful experiences as energy.

Dave Clark

Welcome to Divine Roots

Welcome to Divine Roots. As a clairvoyant reader, healer and teacher, my passion is helping people become more aware of themselves as Spirit and helping them reclaim their power from unconscious limits, beliefs, and patterns so they can use their newly discovered power to create the life of their dreams.

We so often unconsciously build limits around ourselves that don’t serve us in order to be loved, to be accepted, to be part of a community, or to survive. Those unconscious limits prevent us from seeing the truth of who we are – Spirit! Once we realize our spiritual nature, it is then we can truly begin to create the life of our dreams and to fulfill our Soul’s purpose. We begin to live in more joy and health and with more certainty in who we are and what we are here to share.

Enjoy looking through the website to learn more about my story, a reading, to schedule a reading, or to take a class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

With love and gratitude,

Dave Clark

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