About Dave Clark


My spiritual and clairvoyant journey began in earnest when my daughter, Ella, was born in February 2003. Ella experienced a traumatic birth injury where she lacked oxygen for an extended period of time. As a result, Ella had cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and did not walk or talk her entire life. Within one year of her birth, I quit work and became a stay-at-home dad, caring for Ella and her complex needs.

Although Ella couldn’t walk or talk, she was a phenomenal child who communicated on many levels. The children at Ella’s school could “read” her. They knew what Ella needed by following their own intuition. They would tell the teachers, “Oh! Don’t worry! We know what Ella wants.” And inevitably their intuition was always right. However, it was much more difficult to convince the adults in Ella’s life to follow their intuition to know what she wanted and needed. My wife and I spent years trying to find an augmentative communication device that Ella could use to help her communicate with others. We tried all of them, high-tech to low-tech, and nothing worked.

Right around this time, a friend of mine invited me to attend a weekend seminar offered by the clairvoyant visionary and spiritual teacher, Michael Tamura. I attended the seminar and was blown away by Michael and his wisdom. I quickly enrolled in a clairvoyant training program at the Intuitive Awareness Center in Georgia, VT taught by Dr. Gayle Myers and Gwyneth Flack. My thoughts at the time were, ”If Dr. Myers went through medical school and is teaching this stuff then I have to give it an honest try. I’ll do everything they ask for one year and if by the end of that year I find it was all hogwash, I’ll quit.” I completed the year and haven’t looked back.

As it turned out, taking the clairvoyant training program ended up being more about my own spiritual growth and less about my ability to communicate with Ella. Deep down, I always knew what Ella wanted and needed.

One day when I was working with Ella at her school, there was an assembly at the end of the day in the gym. For large school gatherings like these, Ella and I either arrived first or last to beat the rush. On this day, we decided to get there last. As I was wheeling Ella into the gym, I looked up and watched as 400 or so people turned their heads and looked directly at Ella. In that moment, it dawned on me that I can’t command that kind of attention just by walking into a room. However, Ella could. I thought, “That is powerful communication.”

I realized in that moment that Ella was already profoundly communicating. She had been communicating all along, Spirit-to-Spirit, just by being herself. From that point on, I stopped searching for ways for Ella to communicate with others. She was already doing it and in a way that was much more powerful than any device could facilitate. Within a year of this realization, Ella became very sick and passed away. Even in Ella’s dying moments, she continued to communicate with me. She gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for as I held her in my arms while she made her transition.

After 4 days in hospice on Mother’s Day 2014, I was holding Ella in my lap with my wife snuggled next to me holding her feet. We were talking with a small group of family members and one dear friend. My wife said, “She’s gone” and I turned and looked and she was gone. Immediately everything became profoundly still and peaceful, like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. I gazed to the right and watched as the “veil” between this world and the spirit world lowered. I watched Ella walk to the other side where she was greeted by three Beings of Light who were celebrating her transition. It was her graduation – a celebration of her life – a complete and total miracle. Then, the “veil” closed and I was back in my living room with my wife, family members, and friend. That brief moment seemed like an eternity and in truth, it was timeless, whole, and the closest I have ever felt to God. I have been spiritually inclined my whole life. However, that experience confirmed for me, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are not the body. We are Spirit having a human experience. Life is eternal and forever.

Currently, I live in South Burlington, VT with my wife Julie and son Manny.

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